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The Commandar (Thermaltake) - Completed

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As thermatake left me a very deep impression when i buy my TT amour A30 i really feel in love when such a nice, compact n solid feel case!! (coz i was not doing any upgrade for the past 4 yrs!):b9:

At this year, is really hard to my thermaltake item! But now we had Convergent bringing this wonderful Brand in!! When i hear this competition! I do a quick google, went down to SLS n slowly see one by one..:b7: ! then i saw this beautiful case in front of me !!
Thermaltake Commandar MS-I :b1: damm happy n took a cab back home n admire it in the cab:b15:

ENOUGH :b7:hear someone is shouting ??:b9: ok i know u guys wan pic right!! LET ME PRESENT - THE COMMANDAR:b15:

Part One - Case intro

Sorry for the pic, only use Iphone to take.:b9: out of the box!!

this is what include inside (come with a 120mm fan:b11:)

strip down to everything!! is time to mod!!

Marking the line! (more dremel parts):b1:

ready :b4: go :b14:

Part two - modding up the GPU PCI slot
I always wanna show the front part of the video card!! so i think it will be really nice n fun to do some mod up this time!! hope u guys understand what i am doing :b2:

A acrylic sheet is cut into size to make my gtx280 support, mark up the screw area.

this part is going to be change/gone!:b3: (with my dremel drill press):b15:

New faceof L@@K:b3:

really wish i had a SLR to take all this pics:b13:

making a support for the gtx280

1st part to go in _ a tiny little itx GiGabyte H67N - u may wonder why ??:b7::b6:

now u know :b1: - PCIe extended :b9::b2:

3rd item in:b1:

More view in differ angle b4 i stop today:b9:

Case Close ( NO WAY :b14:) stay tune for more crazy idea, hope ur guys enjoy!!
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Part 3 - Mod for case

Is time to strip naked:b1:

make a cutting to house a 240 rad! - hope ur guys can see the RAD:b3:

What do u get when GREEN meet WHITE :b6:

top view----:b3:
bottom vuew ---:b7:

:b1: Ans: ROCKET !!! :b10:

NEW TOYS!! for new cutting!!:b9:
so lucky to buy this at homefix at only $68..:b9: saw a place selling at $128!!

now what ??:b6::b8: with pen ??:b2: stay tune!! is going to get real busy this week!

Part 4 - The Rocket Launcher.

Some of the color i am going to use !:b10:

chosen a Grey primer !

Waited for a while and main color ! i choose ! olive drah:b9:

Rocket on the Launch PAd:b2: 3.2.1 blast off :b9:

Part 5 - Spray n Sand my Tt Commandar!

1st need to take out the thermaltake case logo

primer apply done!! - hall of fame:b1:

DArk Yellow apply !!:b6:

A closer look !:b3:

A 240 rad front mod!! with 4 fans push n pull!!

more to post but today last day to submit so guess ur guys can see my complete mod case 1st.
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1. Thermaltake Commander
2. Intel i3 2100 CPU
3. Gigabytes H67N-USB3-B3 mobo
4. Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2x2GB Green LED ram
5. SliverStone Strider Plus 500W 80plus Bronze
6. Cosair Force 60GB GT SSD
7. Asus GTX 280 gpu
8. Thermaltake Thunderblade 3x120mm Green LED fans
9. Articcooling 2x120mm fans (paint with green)

special add on - built in Water Cooler plus lighting effect and weapon system!:b1:
1. Aquacomputer Aquatube G1/4" White Delrin reservoir
2. XSPC 240 radiator
3. Phobya 4Pin Molex to 6x3Pin Fan Splitter PCB
4. NZXT 2m Green LED strip with sleeve
5. Commander Rocket missile
6. Commander Laser Guided system

Mostly the rig is for entertainment, streaming, gaming and showcase my Tt Commander Case!

Why Thermaltake Casing is my number 1 Choice is becoz of the way Tt engineer the case layout n design to cater from entertainment, gaming and last modders!!:b2: I feel they always choose the best material so that it can last as long as possible. The design they had r always out of the box! Tt always focus on the airflow, look at the mesh, PSU holder, top part and Front panel, always have holes for air intake:b1: really love the way they place their air intake n outlet! When I hear CONVERGENT had this competition, I know I wanna to impress the local on how Thermaltake will be my and SINGAPORE Number One.
This whole month i had plan n execute all kinds of Modding skill to my best knowledge!:b10:
Last but not least!!!:b3: Let my COMMANDER do the Talking IN BF3:b1:

The Side Panel!!:b1:


Front with Rocket Missile system on! engage n fire!

Watch ur back when u turn around - some mod up:b1:

Intro the Commander Rocket Missile system!:b10:

The CORE! - Thermaltake SpinQ VT - see how nice the control switch is route at the back

The GPU - Guide Protector Unit!:b7: --- how u all know what is this !!:b1:

StandBy Res n Rad - built in technology for future cooling with push n pull

Side Panel with the 500Watts Cable to power up the Commander for BF3:b3:

Fight ends and need to camouflage the COMMANDER in action!

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What did I just read kookoo.gif

I do like the graphics card rotation though, well thought out.
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