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amd steamroller questions

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hi i was reading about steamroller will coming next year and with the new steamroller cpus will be able to use the older chipsets like with piledriver biggrin.gif
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More than likely, you'll probably have to have an AM3+ board to run it.



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What year it coming. out next year or 2014
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Not sure, it wouldn't suprise me of it was Q2 of next year to be honest, their current gen processors kinda flopped....
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yea suprise me to and im hoping that is will beat intels sandy bridge or ivy brigde

and if it does beat ivy or sandy i change platfrom for sure
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I doubt it'll be ivy bridge, but even then, haswell will be out then too so that should be interesting... That's on a new chipset though.

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yea i know tht haswell will be on lga 1150 yea and it will be insteding to who will win amd or intel and also its a pain with intel new socket 1150 u have to buy a new motherbaord + a new cpu
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That's the one thing AMD has over intel at the moment, not the processors but the chipsets they use biggrin.gif

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yea i hope amd get their stuff together and make a good cpu for once will i mean after the bulldozer amd went down hill thumb.gif
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Actually, I've got a dilemma myself. For those that upgraded, Is an FX 8350 enough of an upgrade (realistically speaking) over a Phenom II 965? Or should I hold out for steam roller considering its going to use am3+.
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