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Can you please look at the video in above link? My TV just started flickering like this since yesterday. I thought it might be due to cable signals or some interference but it behaves like this when playing Xbox or DVD. I tried to upgared the software but no use. also change resoluion to 1080i but it didn't resolve the problem. What will be the issue with the TV.
sometime when I use TV remote to change setting then text appears in opposite direction, like reflection in a mirror. menus shifts from left to right side of TV and so on.
I opened the tv backside and checked for any cable loose but couldn't find any. I removed ribbons and reseated them as well.
some people are saying it might be due to interference, or resulotion problem, or some chip went bad on main board, or wrong regional settings. Please help.. help
It is LG 50pk590-ze. Your help will be really appreciated. many thanks all of you who views this post.