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Need Help Configuring Server !!!???

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hi everyone, hoping to get some useful ideas/comments about my server build.

firstly, specs are:

coolermaster stacker case with 4 in 3 modules
Asus m2n-sli motherboard
amd athlon x2 5200+ cpu
3GB ddr2 RAM
30gb corsair SSD for OS
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
4 x 500gb sata drives for storage
Dell perc 5i RAID Card
hauppague nova t 500 twin tuner freeview card
asus 8600gt graphics card
600w cheap psu.

now most of the parts were leftovers from when i upgraded my gaming pc.

this server will only be turned on when needed not left on 24/7 used as a NAS/ file server/ backup server.

i have had a bit of trouble with the perc 5 that when i turn pc on it tells me i have multibit eec errors.... etc press x to continue. trouble is that its a headless system with no keyboard and mouse and dont like unplugging keyboard to plug into server to press "x".

i like the server to sleep when not needed or has tv program waiting to record, trouble is sometimes it doesnt wake up and if it does sometimes the raid volume will not show up.

i was thinking about getting rid of perc 5 and using something like a
supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8 with drive pooling instead of raid. (how well does supermicro mv8 like to sleep?)

just as a quick question, when i record tv with nova t 500 it causes tv in living room signal to distort so cant watch tv in there. i think it might be injecting dc into aerial cable, like those used for masthead amplifiers. would a splitter with dc pass on only one port solve this by plugging server into non dc pass port.

thanks for your patience. thumb.gif
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should also mention i have read new threads in this server section about raid and drive pooling etc. redface.gif
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