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Just get a SATA 3 drive, they're backwards compatible with SATA 2. Intel, crucial, Plextor, OCZ Vertex are good ones. MTBF Is Median Time Before Failure i believe. Any SSD Should last you 10 years easy.
EDIT: Get one with at least 120gb space, so you have some room for other programs besides OS. Read this too..... thumb.gif
Good to know.
How about the number of writes? Would it be a good idea to move microsoft outlook and firefox downloads folder to my harddrive?
Since i recieve email daily and also download lots of stuff like drivers, jpegs, templates, etc. which would cause a lot of writes
No need to be concerned about that. You should be fine for 10-20 years write wise. lol.

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I would get something else, preferably SATA 3 w/ synchronous or toggle NAND.
i still have to read about that on your very long thread smile.gif

Quick choices here:


this^ if you can get that where you are for a good price grab it. If anything you can have someone from the US ship to you for relatively cheap if it is expensive for you. It cost me $6 to ship that drive to stubass in Thailand a few months ago.