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Corsair H80i Cooling Profiles

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Hey guys, I have an H80i installed on my 3570k that I'm going to do some 'light' overclocking with. I downloaded CorsairLink and was thinking about setting up the fan profiles so that the fan speeds increase as temps increase. With my old setup on my Hyper 212 I was able to use ASUS overclocking software to set up my fan profile so that as the temps increase, the fan speeds increase and I'd like to have that setup again on this build (unless you guys recommend something else). Here are my questions regarding that.

1. What is the best way to set up fan profiles, whether it be with or without CorsairLink? The custom profile in CL doesn't give me a percentage value, so that I can run them at 100% when the temps reach "x" degrees, just what I assume is RPM's. It goes all the way up to like 4k, which is far more than my SP120's will do, so I'm kind of afraid to use that.

2. Should I also increase the power going to the pump as temps increase, to cycle the cooling fluid faster? Or should I leave the power/speed of the pump unit alone?
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U can do all in CL, u can run your fans at 100% for the temp u want if u choose custom profile or u can connect both fans to motherboard and use same profile u used for your hyper 212! U cant change speed or power for u pump it does all automatically! And u should not worrying about fan speed it won't go faster as the fan can do and if u planning i mild overclock i don't think u even need to go more then 50% of your fan speed! Ive got my i5 2500k @4.5ghz 1.352v and temps don't go over 59c running prime95 for hours and my current fan setup is set to fixed rpm-1300 in push/pull!
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