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I've been stuck on this for quite some time now, and honestly I just feel like there wasn't enough information for me to be able to make a decision, so was hoping someone could help me out with their personal experience.

I'm buying a card to watercool but the options seem a little limited, especially because honestly I love the Hydro Copper Waterblock look, but they are honestly hard to find.

The main option is a 680 hydro copper which runs at about 620 I believe at newegg, which I've been honestly contemplating for a while. But another option I've come across is a 680 classified with the evbot port, which would run me about 200ish dollars more to get. And I was wondering if the performance increase with the voltage unlocked is really worth the 200 or not. I've read a lot of threads about this, but it seems most of them are talking about aircooled, so was wondering if anyone had any information about the difference in performance based on watercooling.

Aside from that tho, I've seen 580 hydro coppers go for around 350-400 on ebay, and was wondering if those were anywhere near worth that price. That just seemed expensive to me for a 500 series card, but maybe I'm wrong and it's a good price for performance? Everything I read seems more towards SLI 580s vs a 680, which makes it hard for me to decide the true value of this card. To me it just feels like if two 580s is similar to a 680, than buying a 580 for 2/3rds the price of a 680 seems silly.

A final thing I'd like to ask if someone has another opinion about a good card and waterblock combo. Honestly, I don't really want to go this route, but with the options before me, if there's a cheaper more cost effective solution I might consider it, but I'm the 'in for a penny in for a pound' type of guy, which is why I'm pretty fixated on the hydro copper waterblocks. But at the same time I'm not unreasonable to alternate suggestions if they are significant.

Anyways thanks for anyone who reads this, and any help/insight into this would be greatly appreciated.