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Double radiator airflow

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The following is a layout for the basement of a Silverstone TJ-11.

My question is will the airflow going to the smaller rad dramatically affect its performance?


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Using the hot air from one radiator to push through another is not a good idea. Depending on the air/water delta and the CFM of the fans during operation, the radiator that used the hot air could actually add heat to the system instead of cooling it; it's more likely that the second radiator would just not add much (if any) cooling, though.
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I wanted to have the 560 radiator fans into intake direction so that I can see the fan blades (decorative purpose). But I might end up with this:

This is some awesome data man, thank you!

so now both rads will be push/pull and pointing outwards, those are going to be some serious negative pressure. what do you think?

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