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Laptop only boots without DVDRW

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So a friend brought round a laptop for me to look at, it's an Acer Aspire 5727 with an i3 370M, 4gb of ram blah blah. All I was told is that it won't start up and others have tried fixing it before me (bad sign tongue.gif )

Anyway it had been wiped already so I go ahead and start to install windows from USB, only it won't let me install to the harddrive. So I mess around for an hour, changing boot order, trying with diskpart and other things with no luck, long story short I ended up removing the DVDRW and it allowed me install windows, I put the DVDRW drive back in after I was done installing drivers etc and went to fire it up and suprise, suprise, the dvdrw is stopping it from booting again, for some reason it is bypassing the HD and trying to boot from the dvdrw :l boot order is set correctly in the bios and googling hasn't helped me so far..

Any ideas? Would a dying/dead DVDRW cause this? I have a feeling it's something else and I don't really want to tell him to buy a new DVDRW and it end up being the same.. I don't have any spare drives that fit it to test btw frown.gif

EDIT: I managed to get hold of a spare DVDRW and it still does the same thing :l I noticed on the main page in the bios were it lists all the harddrives, DVDRW etc that it says no harddrive, yet in the boot order section the harddrive is listed :l
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Since you already replaced the drive and it didn't do anything, then it would tend to point to an issue with the motherboard or possibly any cables that may be used to connect the drive to motherboard.
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Yeah maybe, it's got me stumped. I tried a few more things today then just gave it back working without the dvd drive.. Just told him it won't run with the dvd drive in and replacing the drive won't help and I have no idea why tongue.gif

I was never told what the original problem was, or what others had tried to do to it as well.. The hard drive screws were missing when I got it so god knows what the guy before me was doing. 99% of the time they never tell the truth when I ask anyway and it makes things harder.

I thought about updating/reflashing the bios but tbh I don't like doing it on other peoples stuff incase it bricks :l
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I know it sounds stupid, but check all the card reader ports and USB ports for dust build-up, give them a hoover.

I had a problem ages ago, wherein I couldn't boot from the DVD or any USB/Card at all, after asking here at OCN to no avail, and stripping my PC, I saw some dust build-up inside my card reader when giving it a full clean.

Seems that somehow screwed with the SB and messed it up, despite boot order changing and the likes.

I know a laptop is made differently to a desktop, however it'll do no harm opening her up, getting some compressed air to her ports and checking that route of options.
Also after a good clean-up a BIOS flash and reinstallation of chipset Driver wouldn't go amiss.

Best of luck with it mate. thumb.gif
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