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Originally Posted by mitchtaydev View Post

EDIT: ^^ This. It doesn't matter what you put the filters on in the main for-sale screen it will show everything regardless. The sub-categories still work though.

n my system running Windows 8 Pro both of the following browsers are able to filter UK okay i.e. the filter successfully returns however upon closer inspection the results returned are incorrect. For me it consisted of mostly people in the US with a couple in UK. I tried another country AUS, but the results are similar.

Tested with the following browsers:
Chome Version 24.0.1312.52 m
IE version 10.2.9200.16466 (x86 desktop version)



Originally Posted by driftingforlife View Post

Also it does not filter out closed and wanted threads.


Hey guys, the original issue has been fixed. It does not show that error anymore when you filter through UK for sale threads.


Now in regards to the filters not properly showing closed/open threads, that is a totally different issue. Please start a new thread and do not post to this thread as "still broken" when the issue is not the same issue. Thank you guys for understanding!

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The original is not entirely fixed.

If I go to the for sale section, For Sale/Wanted, and set the filter the UK, the filter does nothing.

As expressed in this thread, it seems to work fine for accounts with any sort of access or special function of the basic account, but it does not work for basic user accounts. It still shows all for-sale threads, including ones that are US only.

I checked by going into separate sections for Main Components/Video and it does work there (many thanks for this) individually, but not in the main For Sale/Wanted section that groups all the areas together.
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Confirmed the individual sections are fixed but the main listing page is stil broken on non staff accounts
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I just tried it on my basic user test account and went through the steps and did not see the error. The error message does not appear. That is what was written in the original report and that is fixed.


Now this new issue with the filters not properly showing open/closed threads, that is entirely a different bug and different ticket. Please do not associate two entirely different issues about the same function as "not entirely fixed" - It is a different issue all together.


In any case, this thread is done.

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