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XP looping boot problem

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First off, my computer's specs:

XP Pro SP1
AMD Athlon XP 2700+
M7VIT Pro Mobo
1Gb of no name RAM
WD 120 Gig HDD, about 20 gigs left.
Gigabyte 6600 AGPX8 256MB
No name 2X DVD burner
PSU ? 300+ watts
USB, FireWire cards

I go to power it on then, shows the mobo logo and then goes to the startup mode select (safe, safe w/ networking, last good config, normal).
Any one I select, it does the exact same thing; it goes through the loading screen and just as it is about to get to the XP log in screen, it starts to POST and boot again. No new hardware, software, major program changes. The drive is in working order, from what I can tell, because I was able to slave it and copy some files onto this 20gig computer. Perhaps the boot sector corrupted ? Any way to repair this without formatting? I have the XP Pro CD, tried repair, but to no avail.

Any ideas on how to go about this ?
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Sure, this is sort of like another post we just had. Go into the repair console and try the two commands FIXBOOT, and FIXMBR. If boot files are missing of the master boot record is corrupt this will repair it!
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Somebody on another forum said they had this problem... They said that they took the battery out of the mobo for a min or so to clear the CMOS. I did that, no luck. HDD was out while I did this. Then per
, I did a restore (one with no option of restore at the setup screen) let the comp reboot itself. It rebooted and then as I let it skip the "boot from CD" and it came up with a "disk error." I rebooted it and booted from the CD, tried to do a disk check but it would not let me due to problems on the disk...

What is going on...
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Wel firstly i would only run with bare minimal components such as

1X Optical drive.

Once you have done this Reset the CMOS again and re-try a recovery.

Now what you decribe is a windows corruption/Incompatibility issue. Sounds like you may have an App or Driver on your OS it doesnt like thus reboots.

Try what i said above and see if you get any luck.,
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