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Suggestions for a Decent Gaming AMD build

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Hi Everyone,

I used to be a hardcore gamer back since 2007 when I abruptly ended gaming after losing in a few local championships out of pure frustration and sat down to chat on IRC after selling out my pc. This pc I used to use for internet was only used for hearing music and browsing back then that I hold onto. I did put in a thing or two in it just recently but I need suggestions for the mobo and processor upgrade.

My budget for a Proccy and Mobo is about 500 usd total

I need a FX/Fm1/FM2 proccy and a decent gaming mobo DDR1800+ Support better if Crossfire 16x x2 x3 or x4 even and is there a possibility some brand makes SLi on AMD chipsets? Didnt find any on google.

Is 2x Crossfire x16 better because of multi gpu performance compared to single gpu performance?

Will the physx processing being done in one separate gpu make my overall performance smoother?

What chipset would be best for me and what socket?

To Do : Hardcore gaming on a 19" display atm would be getting a 23" 3d monitor up around february 2013 but is it worth getting the 3d Screen for gaming? (I wasnt happy with the Doom 3 BFG Edition that came in 1080p 3d mode and had jack ass textures + 4x AA)

Or should I just pick the screen since its HD + 120 Hertz?

I am playing Serious Sam 3 BFE atm and Skyrim as well , although the Pentium 4 handles Skyrim on the 9800 at all settings Max and AA AF at 8x and 16x smoothly, it laggs in SS3 in medium high settings and 1280 resolution.

And when I was done with damn IRC I figured out that this Pentium 4 506 doesnt even have HT.... which was a P4 6xx + thing only and present on 2.8 Ghz +
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Should be no problem. $500 is a nice fat budget for a motherboard and CPU. A FX-8320 for $180 and Asus Sabertooth 990FX for $180 would be about the best AMD platform you could put together. If you want to go a little more extravagant with the motherboard you could get the Crosshair V for $230 or if you wanted to spend a little less you could pick up the M5A99FX Pro for $160 with a $10 mail in rebate.

Crossfire or SLI video cards is usually a gianormous increase in performance. Depending on your resolution though it might not be worth it.

PhysX is a Nvidia thing. Wont be able to use it unless youre running Nvidia cards. Its not anything special anyway and I think its really just a marketing gimmick by Nvidia to get you to buy a 2nd card you dont need. Just my opinion though.

AM3+ is the socket you want for the Piledriver chips and the 990FX chipset is the top of the line and the one I recommend.
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I'd agree. Go with the 8320 or a Trinity A10. The A10 has powerful IGP, but lacks in raw CPU. It's up to you. Glad you've decided to go with AMD.
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@MacLeod :

Thanks for the fast reply and the suggestions man I really appreciate it . I hadnt looked into the Crosshair , Rampage and Sabertooth models as the only ones i ever saw from those as featured were about 563 usd each if I remember right for e.g. Asus Rampage IV Maximus or I think there was a sabertooth Z77 for slightly cheaper. I have been using ASUS since years now but I see in some forums people say Asus is trash compared to MSI and Gigabyte boards , is that really true?

Well for Resolution lets say the Max resolution I will ever deal with is 19xx , so 2x Cards would be a decent boost or no , if its like 20 percent more performance in GFX settings such as AA and AF that are mostly GPU intensive at the cost of another whole card I think I will stay with 1 Card.

I take it on your word and the other reviews I came across and some articles stating the piledriver chips to be superior to FM series well thats good to know and I saw some argument b/w people stating Phenom II x4 965 BE 10xx BE etc being superior to FX 4100 8150 etc but the Phenom II is already discontinued and I cant even find some used ones in ebay for good price.

For Physx I have used a lot of Nvidia and ATi cards since 2008 and I beleive the Physx actually works although Im sure its just a sample of the real Physx cards from Aegia that cost a hefty sum for 32mb physx processing chips and are PCI-E 1x cards. I might also want to state that ATi seems better in overall performance and visual quality but it might be just my perception im not sure what it is.

@ezzep123 :

I would naturally select the CPU intensity of a CPU over its GPU support but do you think I could wait to see if FM3 comes around and hopefully acts better than the FX series?

And I have a Bit of generic queries though :

My uncle uses a Core 2 Duo E6550 and a Mid range Asus mobo /w an Asus GeForce 465 GTX with 4GB of DDR3 Memory of which he is not satisfied of while using Avid Liquid v7.2 or Photoshop CS6 for his business purpose. He says his Leadtek Quadro 560 128mb had better Encode decode rates and transitions were faster than the current card.

I would like to know if a similar Processor and mobo upgrade as mine help him out or would Intel be better for him and what about the Card.
Would SLi serve him a better purpose? Would crossfire be better? And what if Quadro is afterall best for him then which one should he get?

Is a Quadro 4600 768mb Decent enough or maybe a Quadro 4000 but that would be a little too PRICEY!
What is being the bottleneck for him is it the Intel C2D or the Asus mobo or the card.

Also on the other hand Black Mesa had trouble to stay 100 percent smooth after level loadings on 1280x1024 resolution 60 hertz No AA AF very high settings on the 465 n C2D whereas I could Max out Black Mesa at 1400 resolution 75 hertz and vertical Sync on the jack ass P4 n 9800.

We Both use Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit fully updated , Microsoft Security Essentials AV and Nvidia Forceware 310.xx

7200RPM HDDs , Sata 3Gbps and Internals.

Thanks for the support.
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Oh dang....AMD's going with another socket set?? Seriously, this is getting to be ridiculous. What I mean by less raw cpu power, isn't that you can't run Office or render or whatever with the Trinity. It's just that the FM* platform tends to have microstutters sometimes. Check out Tom's Hardware for their take on the Trinity. I read somewhere that AMD's coming out with a 95watt 8-core soon. That would be good, but I hope it comes with good performance as well. If it does, then it's a small chip at the i7, and any small hits that can hit the i7 and hurt it in any possible way is good.

I think that if you plan on overclocking, I would recommend the FX series over the FM series. Mainly because you just have CPU stability to worry about, and not IGP at the same time.
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Sorry my bad I was stating 2 different cases lol

I meant yeah I want more CPU power from CPU than its IGP as I already am getting discreet cards and I want every component to do their jobs properly which is why I will be getting the FX 8350.

What I was asking in the other para is , will AMD's FX proccessors be better than Intel iSeries in terms of Rendering and transitions or are they similar in performance and if yes then at what price point.
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Intel's will render faster at this point. Don't get me wrong--the FX will do what you want them to do, but it depends on what you're doing. If the programs use multi-threading, then the FX can in some situations outrun the iCores, except for the i7 EE, which is champion right now.
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Thanks bro but the Formula V board is discontiuned so is there any similar performance 4x PCI-E 990FX chipset mobo I can get or will I be waiting for the Formula VI and how exactly are the Intel Maximus and Rampage boards available when Formula stocks are gone -_-

On the other hand Im really pissed outta this P4 , I recently bought DMC 5 and It runs on all max settings smoothly but the damn audio stutters horrible 24/7 im pretty sure its cause of the proccy. I sat down and OCed it to 1.2 GHz more than stock thats about 3.8 GHz , but OCing further doesnt Make pc fail and bios give a CPU overclock failed or similar warning it just freezes after running for 15seconds. The temperatures are below 40 Degrees C lol. I left the NB / CPU and HTT link Volts on Auto as I am not sure what kind of voltages should I input for a P4 506 set on a G41 chipset /w DDR3 1333 modules and a 9800.

I would really appreciate any Help on the voltage issues.

If anything I would like NOT to fry the 9800 even if upcoming Crysis 3 requires DX11 or above card as minimum (already got the error from demo) frown.gif

However I already ordered for 2x DDR3 1600 Kingston HyperX Blu Memory modules as their timing was the least I found in comparison to most 1600 ones, and the memory clock was 667 /w 1.5V instead of 1.65 which I think should give me some headroom for OC?

But is the PC freezing after the oc beyond 1.2Ghz addition causing issues on Voltage or Ram or what? My current 1333 module is DDR3 2gb Hynix (9 usd ram).
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