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The last day of the year i havent been updating mutch. but that doesnt mean that the build have stopt.
I bought a new ssd as a replacement off my old Vertex 2 120gb ( nothing wrong with it but it is very slowe compared to my new Samsung 840 Pro 256gb). It suprized me that the size off the Samsung is very small . I wanted the full version kit but the are not available out her at the moment. so i bought the basic kit wich comes with a program disk and aditional software\ link. i installed the software and found out that i must download the norton ghost software for cloning my system disk. that was the easy part. when i started norton ghost for cloning my other ssd the program show's a message "you need a license to be able to clone your disk" shh...... f...... cost 69 euro. i thouht i may use the program for free for 30 days but no. i took out my older version of windows 7 ultimate 64 bits and install that one. I then overclockt my system to 4.6ghz with a voltage off 1.420 volt. there are may things i have to do untill my system is finisht:

build in another samsung 840 pro 256 (in raid 0)
build in a icy dock station
build in my 4 power adjusters (2 for my pumps) and 2 for my fans ( for the fans i still have to figger it out how to connect them)
sleeve my cables (already got my sleeving stuff from MDPC)
build in some lightning (orderd one ccf to see how it looks )
build in my auqua flow device

so thats all for now.

greatings from Holland