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Originally Posted by Rockrz View Post

What am I supposed to do? Call my ISP and tell them if they don't take care of this "certificate" situation, I'm going to quit their service?

I don't care if their certificate is valid or not. I just want my email to work.

Yes, I see where to put in whatever port I want, but I shouldn't have to do that for the email to work. It should auto detect, or use whatever port number is considered to be the most commonly used.

At any rate, after experimenting with T-bird, I think I like Windows Live Mail better.

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Originally Posted by Conley View Post


No problem... thumb.gif

Yep, T-bird is no longer being considered... it's just not too user friendly.

I think they ought to make it where users can easily control all aspects of email setup, including turning off validating certificates.

Maybe they'll improve T-bird over there at Mozilla someday... I do use Firefox as my primary browser. It works great.
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I use Thunderbird and love it,It's a great email client.I like the fact I can have multiple emails with it and I've never had any issues with it.
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I use Postbox as I love its gmail labels integration, it has better interface than Thunderbird, and only costs 9 USD so it's not a big deal

the good thing is it is compatible with the Thunderbird add-ons smile.gif
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