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Router random disconnects :(

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Hello so for year i alredy own TP-LINK (TL-WR841N)  router.

It disconected also before somtimes  simple restart helped.

But now it dc like 2-4 times per day  and its gets annoying ....Router loses connection even to PC wich is connected to net cable not wi fi :(


Could it be broken router or somthing in settings?

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Id say yes to faulty router. Try updating the routers firmware and give your ISP a call to double check theres no issues with the broadband on thier end. We had problems with out internet disconnecting few years ago, something was wrong with the internet box in the street so they fixed it. Then a while after that we had poor wireless signal and again internet kept disconnecting, upgraded our router to ASUS rt-56nu and its been fine no random disconnects and brilliant signal.
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Got latest firmware version for router. And before I posted here for help 2 days I used net without router  and not a single dc ....so gues its pritty much the router then...but cant expect anything good for 16$ i gues.

Sadly tipical for my country there is no such Asus router on sale in my country :( 


But seems will try to find documents and send it back to shop after new year :)

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Ahh sorry to hear that, yeah I had a really rubbish router but since upgrading to this ASUS one its stopped all the issues. Might be worth posting on here what websites you can access in your country that sell wireless routers then we could help you pick a good one smile.gif
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Well problem is that all online sites i can buy from is on Latvian langue so it would be hard to anyone to find and reccomend me somthing :)

But thnx for help sadly just realized waranty is over also for router ....not my happyest day :D

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Well you could list in English the available routers and wee could pick one for you smile.gif
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