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[Build Log] - PC-Q18A - 3570k/H80i/GTX670 and keeping the hot swap rack. Can it be done.

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I posted in the PC-Q owners club thread, but i realized i may be doing a bit more work with this and should just go ahead and make a build log. So i will log it all here and put the final pics up on the owners club page.

Stock-Photo of Case

****(posted in other thread)****

Hey guys,

Just joined up as i have a PC-Q case for a new build. Just received the case today hopefully the rest will show up tomorrow, i will post up picks along the way and when its all complete.

CASE LIAN-LI | PC-Q18A R (Qty: 1)
VGA PNY GTX670 2GB RT (Qty: 1)
HDD SEAGATE 1T ST1000VX000 7K 64M (Qty: 2)
MEM CORSAIR CML16GX3M2A1600C10 (Qty: 1)
SSD SAMSUNG 840 120G MZ-7TD120KW R (Qty: 1)
CPU INTEL|CORE I5 3570K 3.4G 6M R (Qty: 1)
FAN CORSAIR | H80I R (Qty: 1)
MB GAIGABYTE|GA-Z77N-WIFI Z77 1155 (Qty: 1)

Seeing as the size of the Corsair H80i is a bit big, and i want to keep the integrity of the HDD trays, i will have to do some fenagaling to get everything thing to fit and be cool while OC'd.
Hopefully will have it all together for pics this weekend. Wish me luck.

Been a long time lurker of this site, so im happy to finally join.


Parts arrived. I've already got a new PSU mount designed that will allow me to install the SFX PSU horizontal, give me an extra space for a 80mm exaust fan, and buy me the room for the H80i. Just need to remove a little metal from the case and to cut the new mount plate out of plate aluminum at my machine shop and i can get moving. About to order white leds and white sleeving to match everything up on the inside, as i made sure and buy all black hardware. Going to use the space provided for the fan control switch to control the interior lighting. Black/White/Raw-Aluminum shoud work well together.

****(posted in other thread)****

Cant wait to start, going to start working on the bracket tomorrow afternoon.

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Stock Brackets, showing how i plan to merge them.

Bracket Design Drawing

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Nice idea laying PSU at bottom. What do you mean "keeping the hot-swap"? I dont see any hot-swappable thing on that Lian Li case?
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Thanks, i hope everything still fits in that orientation. The HDD cage in that case has 4 hot-swap compatible bays. I started fitting things together, its super tight between the radiator and the bdr drive. Will take pics tonight.
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So i "dry fit" everything into the case to see how thing would be arranged. Needless to say its a bit cramped so i had to make some small changes to a few plans.

First i had to make a shallower power plug on the ODD connector. So i trimmed down all the hard rubber surrounding the sata plug to the pins and bent them over 90 deg.

Laying flat on the table looks like i gained 2mm, and i needed it, i went ahead and trimmed a little rubber off the sata data cable to flush them up. Before installation i heat shrinked the connections and injected some hot glue to insulate the exposed conductors. I will try and snap a photo of the cable plugged in next chance i get.

Also, i had to do some adjustment to the top fan mount. Since it was a 140mm, i was planning on using a concentric 140->120mm slim reducer but because of space constraints with the sata and power ports on the motherboard i had to shift the center of the 120mm mount away from the motherboard in the case. That required me to make a custom adapter plate. The green lines in the photo are the boundaries of the endmills and the hold down holes so stuff does not get in the way when they are cut free. The red line is the adjusted atx hole in the back of the case, and blue is the original dimensions of the stock power-supply mount. I threw both the custom power-supply bracket and the top fan adapter plate on the same piece of stock to reduce waste.

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Damn, ventilation wont be that great with all those cables. Will o sleeve your own to shorten them?
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Yeah, the test fit got a bit messy near the graphics card. Thankfully this case left a lot of space behind the HDD rack and there should be ample room for tie downs and cable management.

I did purchase some sleeving, decided to go with black because so much of what i have is already sleeved black, and since this is not a windowed build, and the space is constrained, its not really woth going the extra lengths for individual wire sleeving.

Ive been working all night getting things ready in the shop so i can machine the plate, should get them done this weekend.
Sadly the computer is not going to be running on time though (since i said i was going to be finished this weekend rolleyes.gif ).
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So i finally got the machining done. Was my first time using this machine so i was being trained while doing my first program on it. Took a lot longer but i feel a lot more confident if i needed to do more on my own. For those who have machined before, i originally learned with MasterCAM and Hurco conversational programming methods. This is the first time i have programmed with raw G-code. Anyways on to pictures...

Got some .090 plate attached with screws to some sacrificial plywood.

Drilling out all the holes and scrap hold downs...

Screws installed to hold down everything while being cut out.

Pieces being milled free.

All done smile.gif
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So after cleaning everything up a bit i went to test fit everything.

This is the H80i mount bolted up, i will shroud the 120mm fans exit with some gasket foam or something when its done.

As you can see i have exactly zero clearance between the radiator and the sata plug for the ODD, good thing i shaved the rubber.

And this is the power-supply bracket attached, i went ahead and nibbled out the metal that is in the way but my phones battery died before i snapped the photo. I get the finished product later.
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Ok all done with draft build.

So i snapped some photos of everything installed and the system is running, i still need to clean up the cables as behind the HDD rack its currently a rats nest but i am pleasantly surprised how clean it is without building custom cables. I would dare say you could fit a full WC loop in this case fairly easily with these few modifications i have made.

I still need the rear 80mm intake fan, and possibly build its billet shroud/cover. That and the lighting and sleeving are showing up tomorrow hopefully. I have more HDDs and a 20pin->USB3 converter to order so i can get rid of the hideous pass-through solution Lian-Li left us with, i would also like to get some better wireless antenna as the ones that come with the board are not ideal.

Added bonus is i can recreate these brackets as they are saved CNC programs in my database. I guess if anyone is interested in doing the 90deg SFX mod PM me and i can quote you a bracket with or w/o the fan mount. thumb.gif


In this view you can clearly see the gap between the top grill and the 120mm fan, i plan to make a duct out of 1/2 angle aluminum and rivet it to the mounting plate, that way the exhaust from the radiator exits and any excess pressure in the case can flow around and exit in the unused sections of the 140mm opening. When that duct is complete i will take a phone looking in from the top so you can see what i am talking about.

Comparison to stock back and modified back. ( it was running at the time, i will take more photos when it is not plugged in.

I left it running over night and the temperatures were stable, seems to be getting good air flow, so i can only improve it will the addition fan and cable management.
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