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Ok then.. I woke up this morning, started my computer up... was ******* around on it for like than a minute and then BAM. My second monitor black screens...

My first reaction was "oh the cable came unplugged" but nope, checked that. It is defiantly plugged in.

My second reaction was "the display settings must have been set to default and it must just be turning off when not being used" but nope, checked the display settings, the "never" turn off display setting is active. (if there's another display setting that turns off the second monitor then I am an unaware of that and could not find it + yesterday it was working fine.. today it isn't)

I have noticed that when the second monitor black screens, when accessing the display options, it still shows both monitors plugged in, and that I am able to make the broken monitor a main display, also when I mouse across, my mouse doesn't hit my first monitors wall, it continues to flow into the black screen monitor as if it isn't even broken.

Could anyone offer some advice/help on how to fix this problem.. I have almost come to the conclusion that my second monitor **** itself. Or my graphics card has broken...

The monitor is a Samsung 2233SWPLUS. The monitor is around 2 1/2 years old

The graphics card is an Asus 560gtx TI

edit: I have tried a new power cable with the monitor, no fix
I have tried switching the plugs around on the graphics card, no fix
I have a different monitor.. it worked in both gfx cards ports

So I guess the monitor is faulty unless its a setting I don't know about..
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