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Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a new headset, and was recommended here by Roland from XoticPC.

Here is my query:

My Razer Carcharias (of 9months or so...) recently gave out on me; the sound just stopped working. The problem was some wiring got messed up, and after "fixing" it, the sound is tinny and there is no differentiation between left and right.
So. I am now looking for a less expensive headset, and have found 4 contenders on Amazon. If you have better suggestions that are UNDER $40, please post them below, and thanks. (I require good, solid sound, covering-the-ear-completely, and a noise-canceling mic is also appreciated.)

Those are my 4 thus far, and I have heard great things about turtle beach but do not know about the difference in quality of their different models, and have also heard terrible things about plantronics... anyway, I'm looking for the best value...and would like it if someone with more know-how about headsets could inform me of a decision, that would be fantastic. Or if you would suggest a different forum to ask this on that'd be great as well.

Thread from Xotic:

Thanks, all.