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Customizing my P8Z77 WS

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Well, I bought one of these mobos to do a bit of an arctic themed build (Blue & White).
I am powder coating the VRM heatsink blue, and doing some paint work on the I/O and the NB Heatsink.

However, the 1 thing that I haven't been able to figure out how to change is the ASUS Logo LED indicator. Basically the BIOS is setup so that the LED is green when you boot in EPU mode, Blue when everything is stock, and flashes Red when you are overclocked. Considering the fact that I am overclocked almost all the time (4.4GHz on my 3570K and 2460MHz on my HyperX memory) its always flashing red. It doesn't really match my theme and the flashing is a bit annoying so I don't like it.

Basically I am asking if anyone can give me some info about how to crack into the BIOS and change this, or if anyone knows of some one that has already customized it that would be even better. I am a bit of a newb when it comes to customizing BIOS and the new UEFI is not helping lol. Help would be much appreciated and I would definitely like to show it off once I get it modded. wink.gif

I am shooting for making the Logo white as there is a red, green, and blue LED. Lighting them all should give it to me. However if that doesn't work, I'll stick with Blue.
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I know this is an old thread but I'm rezing it because I was wondering the same thing

Did you find a solution for a different color or just stick with blue?
Also is there a way to get to the leds without the risk of damaging the mobo?
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