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Quick question about the "T-Virus" Res

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Hi all sorry new to the forum.

Just a quick question about the T-Virus Res, anyone that has one, can the top cap be unscrewed and taken off? And also how are the inner spiral tubes fixed?

If anyone could help me out or even take a picture for me that would be awesome!

Many thanks,
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I have one at home, you can't take the top off it's glued on (or mine is) you can't exactly fix them either

The inner tubes as well are glued into a couple of sinks in the top... Why? If you're planning on taking it apart, you'll struggle.

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Yea, I was hoping I could take it apart to sleeve the tubes inside the canister for a project I'm working on. If it can't be done that sucks because it would have really made everything come together. I'm pretty handy, I might still have a go...

If anyone else has any input as always it's greatly appreciated.

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Why would you want to sleeve the tubes inside? They are reactive to UV and there is a light in the middle anyway, they do different colours as well so you can always try to get one of those
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Yea didn't want the cathode in there and don't want anything UV, no matter! Ill see what I can cook up.

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The newer revisions are screw tops AFAIK.
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Really that's awesome! I might email the retailers directly. Probably get the best answer.

Many thanks all!
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Here is a post from Frozen-Q back in 2010
Originally Posted by Frozen-Q View Post

The new reservoirs are now completely finished, and we have finally made the transition from permanently adhered reservoirs to full threaded Delrin end caps.

Please not in the pictures below the end caps are not polished yet, this is just a preproduction model.

This reservoir will disassemble into 5 pieces, the two end caps, the tube, the inner light tube, and the helix core. The helix core, secures onto two pins located on bottom of the lower cap. This keeps the helix from spinning and blocking the inlet and outlet.

Side ported versions to be available shortly through retailers, however we can do side ported custom orders anytime.

For the time being, the black delrin cap version will be all that is available, however we will be producing thinner aluminum rings that will be able to fit over the Delrin cap. These will be available in all 10 different powder coated colors as well as brushed to give the reservoirs the same appearance as the old reservoirs had.


So I would assume all Liquid Fusions sold now have the threaded caps.
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I tried taking mine apart and I couldn't frown.gif

I must have a really old one..

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have mine for my desk mod there breath taking in person.
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