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Originally Posted by 2thAche View Post

What board has only a X1 slot?
My board has a slot that looks and shapes exactly like PCI-E X16 but it's a ADD2 type slot so PCI-E X16 cards will not work. I tried putting one and it gave an error message saying only ADD2 and I can't remember the other one only works it said. I talked to someone and they said that back around 2006 they made some cards that are ADD2 type and they are for like connecting couple monitors to your computer but then later they made PCI-E X16 instead. Underneath the ADD2 type slot there is a black colored PCI-E X1 slot and one PCI slot so basicly I can only use PCI-E X1 since PCI would be slower than that.
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But anyways are you guys able to find out which card is the best out of the three here.



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I would go for the 6450.
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Are you saying the $100 is better since just because of the price and has 2 GB or ram? Since the GeForce GT 610 has alot faster speed and better OpenGL version also.
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I was just wondering why do you think the $100 one is the best since I can only see it's because of the ram it has since it has 2GB. I did thought that the OpenGL version being newer and speed and other stuff will be better on the GeForce GT 610 but am I wrong?
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Again, don't compare clock speeds. To be quite frank, I think they are a completely worthless bit of information to put up. If we follow that analogy, some of the previous generations most powerful cards (590, 580, 570 etc.) performs worse than that 610 rolleyes.gif

Historically (atleast for the little time I've been around), AMD has had the better offer in the lower-end segment. However, let's not forget that the 610 is the next generation, raising the bar a little. After digging around for a while, I found that the 610 performs marginally better than the 6450 (in the ONE benchmark I found). So, after seeing that, I would like to change my reccomandation to the GT 610 instead thumb.gif
But see if you can find a fanless one. Such a small fan will probably have a higher pitch than larger ones, and I do not think it is necessary to even have it
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I forgot to ask this but how high of res can I go on a 512mb card? Like is it capeable to run on around 1600x1200? Also will most games still run on 512mb? Or will most run but just have to be like lower res like 1280x1024 or 1024x768? I' am talking about the GeForce GT 610 512mb card.
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I am just worried about if I can have the res high enough for my 21" CRT monitor. If not I can just have it set lower but just wanted to know if 512mb is enough to play games but not like BF3 or anything but like Crysis 2 and Crysis and games like that.
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It should be able to run games fine at lower settings, but not great.

Don't expect being able to play BF3 or crysis with that card though, it is dangerously close, if not below, the minimum requirements.
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