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RAM question on my OC effort

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System Information:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 245
Motherboard: Biostar A880G+
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 1333 Model F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL 2x2GB
GPU: HIS H785F2G2M Radeon HD 7850 2GB
PSU: OCZ ZT Series 750W

So, as you can see all the information about my system, I'm curious if you have any thoughts on getting my RAM speed up. Before attempting my overlock I had it running at the advertised 1333. I clocked everything down to work specifically with the CPU first, and at the time the RAM was set to limit itself at 800. Since then, the freq report by CPU-Z hasn't budged from what you see, despite having the BIOS set to run the RAM at 1066. If I set the BIOS to 1333 my system won't even boot into Windows. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
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it is actually running at the advertised speed as a result of your overclock. 666.7 x 2 = 1333.4
divide 2900 by 533 = 5.4409

then divide 3625 by 5.4409 = 666.25+/-

At this point you should be able to go higher. The HT link might be too high but sometimes high/low are both good for stability. I had a cpu like that (250) and it would do 4ghz easy with 1.42 or 1.45 vcore I forget.
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