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Samsung 840 Pro 256GB performance issue

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Hi everyone!

Two days ago I bought a pair of Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD which arrived yesterday. Installed win 7 ultimate x64 in one of the drives, launched as ssd and crystal disk mark. My problem is that in the drive which win 7 is installed i have weak r/w performance( for this drive ) 390 MB/S and 354MB/S respectively. The other drive give normal readings 510 MB/S for lecture for example. Its this normal?

My rig:

Asus Rampage IV Extreme configured in AHCI mode with intel RST from the mobo install disc.

Intel 3930K

Thank you in advance.
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can you go and download crystal mark and post the screen shots of each drive please.


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Here they are, sorry for the delay.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

This is driving me crazy. Is the OS installation causing any troubles?
Perhaps i might clone the installation on the secondary disc to see if the error is reproduced and formating the problematic...
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The disks are fine,

However do you have them plugged into the same controller on the motherboard or different ones, also if you're using the intel controller (and it looks like you are) do you have the lastest RST?

Lastly, you've said that you have ACHI enabled which is fine, I assume you've left your machine idle for a 20 minutes so it can TRIM the drive.

I've just noticed that one is showing up as a SCSI drive and the other is showing up as SATA....

Also i've seen that your allignment is off on your drive on the right, it shouldn't cause too much of an issue on your intel controller though.
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The intel RST installed the win controller on a reboot for the secondary disc automatically, after that the disc showed as SCSi drive. For the first one it did nothing, umm...

Discs are plugged on SATA 6Gb ports (red ones in my mobo)

Thank you for your interest compuman145!
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You plug them into AS Media ports.
You need to look into board manual,for intel ports.
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So they are not plugged in the intel ports...Ok ill check that later. Thank you very much!
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One of them is in the wrong port, the secondary drive is in the correct port.

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Yay! Problem solved! C: Drive was plugged in asmedia controller. Changed, Plugged on intel an voilá!... Rush is not good when you are building a rig...

Thank you both guys, ill buy you some beers if we were in the same country!
Again thank you!
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the second drive that shows 31k bad on the as ssd benchmark isn't properly aligned and you have lower performance. Format the drive through windows with default settings. Your 4k-64 should be over 200
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