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Fan for Raspberry Pi

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Hi guys!

I am thinking of building a Pi for a home automation box so I don't have to leave my rig running 24/7.
I wanted to add a fan to the case so it will look cooler.
I was wondering, does anybody know of a 5 volt dc fan, no bigger than 40mmx40mmx20mm that has some leds in it?

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I found these, albeit I think they're 12v. :/


You can buy 5v ones such as this San Ace (really good fan): http://www.amazon.com/San-volt-40mm-10mm-109P0405H906/dp/B0099W6DQU but they're not LED, so the lightning is going to push it up 7 volts.
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If you're based in the UK and near a Poundland most sell a notebook cooling stand with a 5v fan. I've incorporated it into a case.
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