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Athena - Case Mod

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Okay, so as you can see in my signature, my computer, which I have named Athena after the Greek goddess of wisdom, is currently using a rather bland and dull Broadway Com Corp A5938-Red case. Frankly, I'm not impressed with it (and I really didn't think I would be, considering I got it brand new for $15). While it is a good case, nice and solidly built, It's just "meh" overall.

So, I invested in a Silverstone Raven RV03B-W. While I absolutely love the shape and design of the case (from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint), the very first thing I thought was "Ugh, man, these champagne colored strips need to go. Perhaps I could paint them..."

That, of course, started the ball rolling on the creative juices, and after hemming and hawwing over the different options and looking online (coincidentally finding this site to begin with), I realized that this particular case would lend itself well to a Tron:Legacy-inspired theme.

Now, I have some thoughts on how I want to mod this case, but I would also like some feedback and suggestions on my ideas so that I can be sure that I am doing things right.


Here's what I know I want to do,or at least try:

1) Repaint the champagne accents to a matte black and cover with EL tape (or something similar)

2) Use the same EL lighting effect on the recessed angular parts of the front.

3) Add some extra exterior lighting effects. such as accent lighting on the front panel chevrons or backlighting the top cover,

4) Fill in the logos on the front and side with epoxy putty and sand smooth

5) Repaint the entire case to either black or a very dark blue and give it that textrured glass-like appearance of the gaming grid from Tron: Legacy.

6) Etch in a logo on the side window and illuminate it (or just have one screen-printed on an applique). I was thinking of using a tribal owl design and combining it with some digital code (the owl, of course, is a symbol of the goddess Athena)

7) Add some interior lighting

8) Now, another issue I have thought about is the front plates. I want to keep them on the case. So, I was thinking about modding them with a spring-loaded latch and hinge system so I can add any front bay inserts and still keep the smooth lines of the case at the same time.

Any tips, tricks, or suggestions would be helpful, as I am new to case modding and am not familiar with all the technology or techniques out there.
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So, before I get started, I have some questions to ask of those who know more than I...

1) In regards to EL tape, can it be cut along the length to fit the area or will it affect the lighting? Also, do they make EL sheets that can be cut into patterns?

2) When I get ready to paint, what brands of paint, primer, and clearcoat should I purchase? I will be painting both metal and plastic and trying to make them match.

3) What brand of epoxy putty should I use to do a buildup on plastic?

4) Is there any way to repair the scratches on my side window? I bought the floor demonstration model (it was the only one left), and there are a few scratches and scuffs on the window. Is there a product I can use to get rid of them, or do I need to contact Silverstone about a replacement?
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Update: 26 Jan 2013

Okay, I managed to luck out and locate exactly one place in the entirety of Houston that carries Apoxie Sculpt: a taxidermy shop about a mile from my place. They have taken to having much more Apoxie Sculpt on hand than they need, as people buy it up pretty quickly. The only size they carry is the 4 lb kit, but that's fine. Just means more to use later.

I also ordered a 22mm AV switch mounting plate (for five AV switches), along with two 22mm illuminated AV switches and 3 16mm illuminated AV switches. They should be arriving sometime next week.

I've decided on what I want to do for the interior of the case as far as painting goes. I plan to sand the whole thing down to bare metal, apply a coat of primer, then a few coats of Duplicolor Chrome paint, and top it off with a few layers of Duplicolor Metalcast and then a clearcoat finish.

As to the exterior, I am still torn between a polished ebony, a glasslike appearance, or a black stone look.
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Okay, folks, I have a couple of questions...

I had this idea and wanted to get an outside opinion/advice on it.

My thought is to modify the side panels to where instead of unscrewing thumbscrews and physically removing the sides, I can press a button and the panels will open up in the manner of suicide doors, using small motors to cycle the doors open or closed.

I've already purchased 2 12" x 1/2" continuous hinges for the pivot point on the back of the case, but I'm curious as to what type of latching mechanism to use to keep the door shut. Part of me wants to use rare earth magnets, but I'm concerned about how it will affect the drives or the operation of other devices, such as temperature monitors, fan controllers, hot swap drives, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas on that?

Also, in regards to the motors for the doors, I plan to wire them to a 4-pin molex connector and have them run off the PSU when the computer is powered on, but I'm searching for alternative power for when the computer is off. Any thoughts?
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