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Well, I've been using it for a bit w/a pair of Xbox controllers and works really well. I've got all my fans turned down nice and quiet with a planned replacement of the stock CPU heatsink w/a mid-range WCing solution mid-life. As is is, slightly undervolted at stock clocks, the 3570k feeds the single stock clocked 670 GTX nicely. My internet has been spotty the last few days (guy come out today to see if it's the wiring that just got done or the modem itself) so I haven't played around w/it as much as I would have liked. It's got a sub-15 second cold boot... and goes in/out of standby as quick as I could want.

Again, went w/the 670 GTX for a future pairing w/the 670 in my desktop, plus physxs effects and driver support I'm familiar with. The couple ATI cards I had in the past I was a little meh about... though they had been the better buy in performance, I kind'a thought I got what I paid for in terms of drivers. I did manage to find a PNY one a for 299.99, which is the same as the top-end 660 TIs are running. Seemed like a great deal. My EVGA 670 GTX I got a little while after release for ~$50 more... and is what they still typically run now. Looking at getting an old G92 8800 or a 260 GTX for $30-50 seemed ultimately like money spent to not fufill my goal... a machine that'll game now as good or better than the upcoming consoles when it comes to visuals... and to place my library of over 200 games on steam in the living room. With a GPU replacement in another 1.5-3 years and a CPU OC if need be, it oughta have good legs. I started out w/releatively fast 2133 ram and a Sata 3 SSD, so it oughta have some good legs. Any ATI I bought in the past was cost based and the few dollars I saved or the slightly better performance I got was returned w/other headaches. Other than a few cards that I've had that have run hot... in-game, they've been great.

I'm unfamiliar with Linux. I'm admittedly a person that's run windows since 3.1. I had an AT&T computer that ran some form of properietary OS then a couple TRS-80s that ran basic, I'm pretty sure. The only advantage I could see with Linux is cost. None, right? With windows 8 running $39.99 and looking good on the big screen with their tablet skin, but still being essentially Windows 7 underneath, it seemed to be a 'sure thing'. I'm not sold on an upgrade on the other laptop or desktop I have unless they throw in some 'planned obsolescence' and don't give Windows 7 Dx 12 whenever that may come up... just like they didn't give Windows XP anything officially past Dx 9, as I recall. I'm not sure if Linux needs tweaking consistently to run new software.... and... well... yeah, I just don't know. The only dual boot I ever did was a Win 98 to XP and an XP to Vista. I ultimately only used 98 for some DOS stuff and never really used XP after I canned superfetch and some other annoyances on Vista that made for a slow boot/windows start. At the time my wifes lappy w/it's HDD and slowish ram was crushed by Vista and some of it's processes. Undoing a few of them made it as functional as it had been in XP. Same w/the desktop, that it wasn't as bad as the laptop.
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That's not a steam box. THIS is a steam box.
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