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Prime disappoints me, it just stresses enough to settle your chip at the brink of stability. My first ivy, I stressed for 4.5Ghz and it passed that prime test with 1.26v but fired up BF3 and it bsoded within an hr of gameplay so I yanked up the vcore to 1.272v and the system got stable, or at least so I thought. Since I wasn't really certain about it I fired up Handbrake v0.9.5 and the system bsoded again at about 70% (8GB VOB to 700MB mkv conversion) so I yanked up the vcore to 1.288v and that is what it settled at completely rock solid stable anything I threw at it later it passed.

My present i7 passes the above tests at 4.8Ghz with 1.384v (offset), 4.7Ghz offset requires 1.32v. (whea error, bsod, app lockup/freeze completely free)

Another thing at 4.8Ghz, I see it ramping itself to 4865Mhz on its own even when I have locked it at 100Mhz bclk all without a single sign of instability in the eventviewer or app freeze or lockups (none)

I no longer trust prime to give me absolute stability

Totally agree thumb.gif
Darkwizzie recommends the x264 stress test here:

This test has BSOD'ed me when I've passed AIDA64 for hours and IBT on Max.

x264 encoding as a stress test won't fry your cpu like P95 and is relevant to real world usage for stability wink.gif