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Hey hey. I'm coding a website for my band (or more or less upgrading the CSS from what it was.), I need your help to finish what I want to do.

I'm currently editing the gigs/shows page to show upcoming events etc.
At the moment, as you can see it's very basic, unappealing and boring.

And I want to transform it into this, or something similar (if anybody has any ideas on a better look, please do tell.):

How would I go about coding the desired theme/css?

Also, for all you PHP nutters, I am still learning PHP and want to improve my code on listing gigs, because at the moment it is SHOCKING.
This code makes it display the next 4 shows on the main page, as you can see:

And the PHP code to follow it:

If anyone could offer help or advice in the above I would appreciate it smile.gif
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I think you need to be more specific so we can help you.

I read your thread five days ago and didn't quite understand where you needed help.

Sorry if it's just me smile.gif
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