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Its hard to say.
Like i said at begining make small steps of no more then +5MHz. later maybe even just 1 by 1

Get in windows test stability short (10 to 20 mins at most. U test longer once u find final frequency. Lets say 116 and u stop. U say ok, no more. Then u do few hours prime95 and if it pases thats it.)
U can also run 3dmark to see if your score improves.

I ve seen ppl stop at 116 or 126 and some went 135+
Just raise it slowely and test. Test both stability with prime95 and speed with 3dmark. After all if u re not getting faster and better score no point in ocing.

Good luck.
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thnak you
I set it to high the comupter shut down . finally all bio reset
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hmm that can happen only if u didnt do as i said.
If u raise it slow u will boot but later on, in windows, when u test it with prime95 it might fail or bsod.

Be patient, If it isnt working for u just leave it u got solid boost if u went from around 7 000 to 14 000 3dmarks.
I think u can do more. Your voltage and temps are still low.

Share results give CPU-z of OC u make and run another 3dmark when u re with OCing so we see final result.

Btw its late here im logging of and going to sleep.
Again, good luck.
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The A6-3650 is bottlenecked by DDR3-1333. Keep your RAM at DDR3-1600 or you will never see a benefit from your overclock.

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