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[Build Log] Project RAGE

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Project RAGE will be my first case mod and my first real computer build it will be based around the NZXT Phantom, the colors will be Black & Orange with some Gun Metal Grey. While I'll be doing most of the stuff for this project my friend will be helping me out with making a design and painting the case, he paint's R/C bodies as a side job and is very good at it and in general is just a great artist. Nothing is really laid out design wise besides the colors so I can't say for certain what to expect but I'll make a to-do list below that will change as I go along. This build could be done in a month or it may be done in a few months, I don't really know it all comes down to how things play out in my life.

Parts purchased are Orange parts requiring purchase are Grey

Those are the main parts to my build. I'm still looking into LED lighting might just have to suck it up and use a RGB led strips to get orange since no one makes orange LED strips.
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Well I got the case outta the box and stripped it down I plan on sanding the parts next.
Pics in spoiler! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Quality may not be great as I'm using a smartphone.

(Forgot to get pics of inside before I stripped it doh.gif)

To-Do List
Supplies to Buy
-Spray Paint
-Adhesion Promoter
-Shop Towels

Work to be Done
-Strip Case
-Sand parts
-Come up with a design
-Paint fan blades
-Paint thumb screws
-Paint 5.25 Bay Locks
-Mod Front of Case to Support 200mm Top Fan

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Random Updates
-1/18/13 Alright all the paint is bought next up I'll be scuffing all the parts and then over the weekend I hope to get a design done and if possible start the painting. I wouldn't put my money on getting any painting done though as my friend who is helping with doing the painting/design is a 49ers fan and they have a game on Sunday.

-1/23/13 So the 49ers are going to the Superbowl, needless to say not much got done last weekend the main design is still waiting to be done as I need to get some more sandpaper but I did start painting the 5.25 bay locks 3/5 are done as I was trying some other designs on the other 2 which didn't turn out so great so I'll be repainting them today if I can. I decided to go water cooling for sure with a XSPC Raystorm EX240 D5 Variant Kit I should be able to purchase all the parts within a month. Since I plan to mount the rad on the top I think I'll mod the front of the case to accept the 200mm top fan.

-1/24/13 Well last night was fun, I got the urge to to some modifications and ended up cutting a hole in the front of the case for the top 200mm fan. Then this morning I went ahead and cut some of the side panel out for a mesh window, it all went well but I'll have to touch up some spots with black paint.
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Tips 'N Tricks
Since this is my first time doing stuff like this I figured I would list somethings I've learned along the way for those who are new.
-Paint Removal: If you screw up painting or get some spray paint on your skin I found that 91% isopropyl alcohol does a great job of helping remove it. For parts just put some over it and use 600 grit sandpaper it should come off fairly easy I did this with my plastic 5.25 bay locks and it saved me a lot of time. For skin just get a little on a towel and rub the paint off.

Simple Guides

Front 200mm Fan Mod Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
You'r going to need something that can cut metal like a dremel(example below) and a drill.

Alright on with the mod, to start off you're gonna have to remove the large 3.25 drive bay at least for this method. This can be done by removing the 10 rivets holding it to the case frame just grab your drill and a 7/64 drill bit (don't know the sizes of your bits? Just grab a bit that is slightly large then the hole in the center of the rivet). Tip: If the rivet starts to spin with the bit move the drill up and down till it catches the rivet and pops it.

Wishing I had taken these pics before I removed the bay and cut the hole but they should give you a good idea where the 10 rivets are.

Next up sizing the holes. Originally I figure I would just trace a circle around the 200mm fan or filter but instead I just grabbed the 200mm fan filter and lined it up where I wanted it and drilled 4 holes to mount it (using a 3/16" bit) and used it as a template for the 200mm cutout.

As you can see above I used the holes in the filter as a guide for where to drill the 4 holes I then screwed the filter into the case (using 4 fan screws ). Then all you gotta do is grab your dremel and cut around the fan filter, you can cut through the 4 arms but I just cut around the fan filter till I hit each arm and moved to the next section then once I had cut each section I removed the fan filter and finished of the 4 spots by eye. I'll show what I mean by sections below.

You'll notice there is still 2 spots one the bottom where the mounts for a 140 fan are to cut those off just cut through the 2 edges where it's attached. One again I mark them below.

After that just sand/grind down the rough edges from cutting and drilling the holes and you're done just install the fan and/or filter if you have one and want to. End result should look something like this.

With fan filter on.

Hope this helps.

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I have a question for any NZXT Phantom owners that have taken the plastic trim off, did any of you discover parts (like the plastic tabs) of it melted or slightly glued?

I actually had to break a tab to get one of the pieces off and even then I basically had to rip it off.
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Alright I got all the bay drive locks painted, which gave me a chance to see how close the orange spray paint I got matched the orange trim, it's very close I would actually say it's just the textures that make them look different.

If anyone has experience with the SSD or HDD I selected and could tel me if they are good I would appreciate it, I know very little about hard drives and even less about solid states drives.
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Well between last night and this morning I modded the front of the case so the top 200mm fan will fit it required removing the large 3.25 drive bay but I wont be using that many HDDs anyways. I also modded the side panel with the large 200mm mesh window and cut out all the metal so I have a full mesh window.
Pics Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Front 200mm Cut Out

Side Panel Before

Side Panel After

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Well it's been a little and things are finally moving along again. I've ordered almost all the parts just need to order the RAM and water cooling kit and I should be all set, also got the cases base coat done and masked the whole thing, then today me and my friend sat down and laid out the design and got it ready for the first color to be put down.

That being said the design has taken a turn towards RAGE (the game) the front door is gonna have some art straight from the game. If you're wondering I didn't name this project "RAGE" intending for it to be based off the game, "rage" is just sorta the name I go by online but the game RAGE had a strange impact on me, I think I may be the only person who both loves and hates the game, the idea of using aspects of RAGE for the build just sorta grew on me.

Back on topic I hope to have the rig painted, up and running by the end of this month and I plan to try my hand at sleeving my PSU at some point down the line.
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Alright I put the first color on the case.

I'd like to poll some people if you don't mind spending a minute to reply what you opinion is.

The door for the case is gonna have some art on it and I'm wondering if I should just paint the eyes bright or rig 2, 3mm or 5mm orange LEDs?

Picture of the door masked and sketched.

Pic of the art from RAGE.
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Yet another update, all parts ordered and most received, all but Windows 7 and the water cooler. I installed my RGB LED strip and wired it to a molex cable as well I did the basic painting on the case all that's left is to do airbrushing on a side panel and the front panel door. Since I have all the parts to make sure the PC POST I went ahead and threw it together and sure enough it did POST, then I went ahead and put the parts into the case and did some cable management not to worried about cable management though as I plan to sleeve the cables so I'll have to end up redoing most of it.
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