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Speaking of problems.. Everything was going well last night until I did a restart until I did a restart and it got stuck at the gigabyte boot splash screen. I waited for a while and decided to enter bios by pressing delete but instead windows started to load. Did another restart, same thing happened. Gets stuck at the gigabyte splash screen and pressing a key starts windows. Tried a shutdown and power on and same thing happens.

Bios is updated. Unplugged all the drives except OS drive (ssd) and same thing happens. Plugged them in and made sure OS drive is first priority to boot and still happens. Any ideas?

edit: SSD is up to date with firmware

edit: Went into bios and disabled logo screen. Instead of showing the gigabyte splash screen it showed 'American Megatrends' logo. Pressing delete also starts windows. I did notice though that after pressing delete to start windows I can press delete again to start bios.
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