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Computer Issues

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Hello OCN

I don't know if this is the right area but I'm having a little computer issue lately and its starting to bug me quite a bit. My computer is freezing randomly when it wants to, when i'm working on it gaming etc.. What's the cause of this? My computer isn't OC'd I turned on the turbo thinking it would be a issue were it was running to much and not being able to keep up, no fix. Thought it was overheating it wasnt changing anything. On and average day it freezes once or twice mid project, or anything and needless to say its really strating to bug me. So I researched on it and cant really find anything, I reset my whole BIOS back to stock format and everything, is there anything that I should be looking for or doing wrong? My computer is enclosed and WC"D all the fans working and the CPU running pretty low around 28C to 32C loaded BF3 LoL or anything and doesnt seem to push past 42 at the max with a couple of programs running or benchmark with a OC.

Any information will be helpful.

Thanks OCN
- F u Z ii oN
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You've put that you've got some SSD's in RAID0, do you have any mechanical drives in there?


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Yes I do, 3 of them
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