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bought the G.Skill Snipersin the summer and with my recent upgrade to the 8320 and knowing it supports 1866 Mhz i was wondering if i could o/c the ram for just the experiance and maybe abit performance increase tongue.gif currently i have the 8320 @ 4.0Ghz the system voltages are optimized by Gigabye i didnt touch voltages yet, ram timing has been set manually to CAS9 (9-9-9-24). Now i know that if i go to bios i can change the multiplier from 8 -> 9.33 which shows me the result of 1866 but my questionhere is would this ram overclock? also would i have to change the CAS9? I tried before with the same motherboard but with the 1045T from 1333mhz to 1423 or something along those lines and it didnt work (i had overclocked it so the FSB had been at around 267? (i think AM3 memory controller is 1333mhz and i was trying to overclock a bit but it didnt handle it) so yeah any info would be cool smile.gif want to know beforei try just to gain general knowledge smile.gif thanks for looking! thumb.gif