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Hi, I have a strange problem with my dell 2209wa: I can not play any faster game with this monitor, because ghosting/blurring is so bad that i cant even focus my vision on any faster moving objects (ie, when i move a map playing starcraft, units become so blury that i can hardly recognize them, fps'es that i play looks really choppy and blurry). The gaming experience on my brothers lower specs pc with old tn monitor is much much better even when fps'es are lower. It is strange, because, according to many reviews, my dell monitor should be really good for gaming. I have this problem since i bought my monitor, it didn't become worse or better over time. I use DVI cable. I am confused and not sure if my device is faulty or is this some kind of property of e-ips screens or do i have strange sight or something else. Everything else (text sharpness, color reproduction, backlit etc) looks fine, but i find this monitor unplayable. Any help or thoughts would be really appreciated. Thank you.