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I've been trying to overclock a FX-8120 on a 970A-UD3 board to get a 4Ghz for a very long time now. I've tried around 50 different settings with different things enabled and disabled. And I just can't seem to get stable at all. Basically I've every combination of the following.
Multiplier: 18-20x 3800Mhz-4000Mhz @ 1.3-1.45v
FSB: 200-220
Cool&Quiet: Always Disabled
Virtualization: Always Disabled
Load Line Control: Auto-Extreme
A weird thing that I see happening in CPU-Z is my clocks, fsb, ht link, voltages go up and down like crazy.
Clocks go from 2.8Ghz-5.5Ghz, Fsb goes from 160-260, voltages go from 1.28-1.45 constalntly. Please help I'm starting to get very irritated!

Edit: Got it. Flashed the bios and turned of some power management options I didn't have access to with the old bios version.
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