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DSLR for a broke guy.

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I am a bit short on money right now but a friend is traveling to the US and offered to buy a DSLR for me, he said I could pay him in parts. I have experience with DSLRs that are not mine. I was thinking maybe a 600d, 650d or a 60d. I am particularly interested in videos, I know he 600d has a mic input but I dont know about the others. I will probably buy just the body and if I need to take pics I will borrow a lens from one of my friends.

I primarily want Canon because I have never used a Nikon camera and most of the people I know have Canon so they can lend me accessories.
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Budget? it's really easy to get a fair amount of camera for not too much money these days. If you're in the United States, look into the Canon Loyalty Program. Basically, you go on eBay, buy a broken Canon point and shoot, and then you call up Canon and tell them the serial number. Then you just send them the camera and they sell you a refurbished SLR for really cheap (20% off the already reduced price).

Additionally, older used SLRs are cheap to get as well. Check out KEH.com, as they seem to have some of the better used prices out there. They're pretty reputable--I've bought three lenses off of them before and lucked out pretty well.
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