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Logitech G600 impressions / sensor discussion / mouse req

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My Razer Naga recently started to suffer from the "soft left click" issue, so I put it aside for a warranty return (or a self repair attempt should that fail), went fishing for a new MMO mouse and ended up with the Logitech G600.

After a month of use, I'm returning it for the following reasons:
1. significantly more difficult to use than the Naga (harder to move, lots of misclicking);
2. pointer snap issue—apparently caused by something in the mouse's internal memory—which I experienced while playing TF2 and SWTOR;
3. the Avago ADNS-9800 sensor, which has the following issues (at least with this mouse):
- pointer delay,
- slight positive acceleration;
4. non-updatable firmware, which would usually not be a problem, except it means the above two points can't be remedied via software.

I'm now looking for a new mouse, and this brings me to the question of whether I should completely avoid anything equipped with the ADNS-9800? I was looking at the Corsair M95, but it's also got it, so I'm wary. Could the above issues have been fixed when it comes to newer mice?

Also, after reading this thread, I'm noting that there only seems to be a handful of gaming mice without tracking issues. It's from March 2012 though, so the list may have grown a bit since (DeathAdder 4G is in I guess), but it's still daunting to note how little choice there is, especially because I've come to rely on having many thumb buttons, and the most the mice on the list have is 2. To be fair, I knew about the Naga's Z-axis issue and it didn't bother me all that much because I usually don't lift the mouse during motions where I need fine accuracy, but for a new mouse, I'm making tracking a major factor.

So with that in mind, other than DeathAdder and G400, are there any gaming mice with thumb buttons and no tracking issues? Here's my request form, in case that didn't narrow things down enough:

1. What's your grip style?
What Razer calls the fingertip grip seems about right.

2. What's your sensitivity?

3. What's your maximum budget?

4. Do you want additional buttons?
As many as possible, especially thumb buttons

5. What games do you play?
All kinds, but mostly FPS, and MMO/RPG.

6. Do you mind about prediction?
Yes, unless it can be disabled without vendor software.

7. Other relevant information:
- Has to work without vendor software. I'll accept an AHK script or some form of portable software though.
- I have medium sized hands.
- Preferably a design that would provide the same kind of comfort as the Razer Naga.

Thanks for your attention and /discuss.
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I had a g600 and felt the same way. The angled buttons actually made it harder to press.

As for a different mouse,

Try the
Razer lachesis (may/may not be for you, ive heard of people loving it for claw and fingertip, also had the same sensor as naga so the z axis issue is still present)
Mionix naos 5000/8200 (ive heard this mouse is amazing, although it does have slight positive acceleration and is palm oriented, i switched from claw to palm a week ago and have never looked back after just using a mouse that forces you to palm)

Naga hex, same as naga but mechanical side buttons

Sensei raw, own both regular and raw, both very good and the raw literally needs no software. Does have slight positive accel

Deathadders - self explanatory

G400- best mouse i have ever owned and is what i am currently using. Makes sure to get one with logitech stickers holding the box closed or one with a LZ133xx higher or one witha S/N.

G500- you can try it if you like, ive heard of people hating the sensor location and some people loving it.

All in all i reccomend if you cant find a mouse for your grip, just change grips all together. It is really not very difficult if you get a mouse that is palm oriented, your hand will be used to it within a day.
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Thanks for your suggestions. The grip is not something I pay attention to, it's kind of a natural thing my hand does, so changing grips is a strange concept to me. As for the mice:

Razer Lachesis / Naga Hex: Given they have the same tracking issues, same Razer build quality and same pricing, I might as well just get a new Naga and enjoy the extra buttons.

Mionix Naos 5000/8200 / Sensei Raw / Logitech G500: Same reasoning applies here. If I have to put up with acceleration, I'll just buy the Corsair M95. That thing looks built like a tank, comfortable, has loads of buttons and a user contributed AHK script.

As expected, if I don't want tracking issues that leaves us with...

Razer DeathAdder:
+ sexy
+ looks as comfortable as the Naga if not more
- pricey
- notorious Razer build quality and durability

Logitech G400:
+ cheap
+ sturdy, apparently
- ugly (imho)
- doesn't look as comfortable

Anything else? Zowie? ADNS-3090?
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Ive been wanting to try a zowie evo series, but my local store that only carries them is a pain about return policy. Ive heard that the custom lens they use to make the liftoff 1.5 mm affects the tracking quality. The g400 is butt ugly, but it is actually very comfortable.

Imho i reccomend a deathadder black edition or a g400
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