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The 450 step on my FK is more like 480 when you measure it. I still would like to know how you tested this rather than "it just feels that way therefore it must be lag". To me it sounds like placebo.
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Originally Posted by Ino. View Post

Just chiming back in: I could not really notice the delay in any relevant situation (aka gaming), only when testing specifically for it, and even then it was so minimal that I decided not to care for it.

As I now have a AM-FG and could compare them I notice that the fluctuating polling rate indeed happens on the AM, where it goes up to 1000 Hz even though it's set to 500. This does not happen on the FK anymore.
...I've only ever had the polling rate go up to like 550, if I recall correctly. Maybe they just make a lot of slightly defective models.
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Someone should buy high speed camera and record delay just to prove to this guy.

I aim slower with a9500/a3090 mice than with a3060, but it must be placebo as mouse sensors are real time.
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Im just curious as to how this claim came to be because no one ever posts anything that resembles evidence. The only thing i see is that it "feels" like it hence why i say that it sounds like placebo.
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Skylit posted some evidence, others dont have technical knowledge or high speed cameras or some other tools to prove delay.
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could you find me a link to this evidence you're speaking about? it would be greatly appreciated!
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I didn't exactly post evidence, but rather explained evolution of tracking code.

On the same note, theres perceptive attributes in terms of the subject. It's something that really depends on you and your hardware rather than outside opinion. (Not that outside opinion won't help).

You can go through my post as I don't have time to re-type and find everything.
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Maybe it isn't input lag, but there is definitely something going on at the 450 step. It's evident to me when quick bursting in games (BF3 / CS) when compared to the 1150 / 2300 step or even my other mice adjusted to the same exact sens. My accuracy drops on both games when ever i use 450 with this mouse.
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Originally Posted by Crizzl View Post

Im just curious as to how this claim came to be because no one ever posts anything that resembles evidence. The only thing i see is that it "feels" like it hence why i say that it sounds like placebo.
Nobody has posted evidence of it NOT having input lag either. Like others said, it's difficult to prove. But I've seen enough people feeling the same thing so wouldn't that kinda raise suspicions? Me, I definitely feel floatiness on EC1 evo when I'm looking for it in-game, and FK should be no different.

For me, it feels different, end of discussion. It's not placebo even if you can't spot it in your setup.
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I guess the only evidence a non engineer/scientist can give you is: the 3090 Zowie uses is a 1800 CPI version, the other steps are scaled from there, throwing away more than half the counts will take a lot more time (increased latency through MCU) and can cause some "tracking" irregularities.

If you have a low input delay setup you are more likely to notice the "450" step's behavior. If you are using some cheap 60Hz LCD and have all those delay inducing settings enabled it would be hard to notice. Not to mention the game you are using...

If you think about it, the MCU is throwing away more than every other count. I guess it's more noticeable on initial motion and transitions to other directions.

When I used (after many months) the "450" step I noticed some latency and stuttering/skipping compared to the DeathAdder and Diamondback. The 1150 step shouldn't display this exact behavior because the MCU is only throwing away every other count; this is a "smoother" process.

It's funny how people want a super detailed, peer reviewed, scientific study before they take anything as possible; even though it's a very logical situation. The world must be flat, so to speak.
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