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RAM Questions, thanks!

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Currently I am only running 2gb of RAM in my computer, as 1 of the sticks is being sent back to g.skill to be replaced under warranty (it is shot). So I only have one stick of RAM in my computer atm and I obviously need more...the RAM will be doubled to 4gb total when my other stick is replaced...but my question is this. I currently only have one stick of RAM in so where should it be? My mobo has a total of four slots blue, black, blue, black...when I ran two sticks of RAM I had both sticks in the blue slots... cradles 1 and 3...as I assume this is dual channel correct?

I am currently shopping around as I want to increase my RAM from 4gb up to 12gb most likely...can I run a total of 4 sticks of RAM successfully and at their full capabilities? I assume I would set it up as follows... 2gb stick, 4gb stick, 2gb stick, 4gb stick from left to right. So that the sets of RAM are in the same color slots... I hope this doesn't sound too confusing. Basically I'm currently at 2gb (which cradle should this single stick be in?) but when g.skill is done replacing my old stick Ill be up to 4gb but am looking to add about 8gb more after that for a total of 12gb. Can I run 2x2gb and 2x4gb with perfect stability? And if so do they all have to be the same brand etc?

My mother board: Here
G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3-1600
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All sticks should be at the same capacity (4x4gb or 2x4gb or 8x4gb)
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Oh wow seriously? I can't run 2x2gb and 2x4gb? Will it just not recognize it correctly, cause it to crash? What about using two different brands?
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Actually according to a quick google search using the two different types isn't a problem. I thought it was an issue to run different size sticks, but not different brands. I guess the best bet is to try it and see what works, or wait for someone else to put in some extra input besides myself.
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Originally Posted by cctaylor88 
I currently only have one stick of RAM in so where should it be?

One quick note...this should probably be in the AMD section, not the Intel section.

That said, per your motherboard's manual, when running a single stick, use Slot A1 (this is the closest to the CPU). First image shows the slots, 2nd image states to use A1.

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Hey man thanks for the links to the user manual, just to clarify my board DOES support ddr3 1600 correct? I mean thats what Ive always ran but the link you sent me said something about lower mHz..I assume that is for models other than mine...

Also...since I will now be running a total of four planks of ram do you recommend me getting some other source of cooling? I mean obviously I don't want to overheat anything..but I don't even know where to begin with specifically cooling the ram...my PC current has two exhaust fans in the front (that suck in air) 1 exhaust fan on the top and one in the back other than that I have nothing special inside.

1)Will my 4 total planks of ram (2x2gb and 2x4gb) all be compatible and run well or should I just run the 2 planks of 4gb?
2)Should I place my planks of ram in every other slot so that the same size ram is in the same colored cradles? Also, why is this?
3)And finally does it matter which set of cradles I put the 2/4gb sticks in? As in should the higher ram be in the black or blue cradles?

Both sets of ram are from the same manufacturer, both ddr3 1660, same CL, same 1.5v, and same timing except the 2x2gb have a "-2N" at the end (you can see on the newegg link) what does the 2N mean? 9-9-9-24-2N
My motherboard: AMD Phenom II x4 955
My current ram-2gb: 2x2gb
Ram purchased-4gb: 4x4gb
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Glad you found those images helpful.

Based on what I remember reading while looking thru the manual, your motherboard does support DDR3-1600, provided the CPU does.

You don't have to worry about extra cooling for your ram. The default voltage for those modules is only 1.5v so heat should not be a concern. If you feel the need, find yourself a spare 120mm fan and point it at the ram and call it a day...but you don't NEED it.

If you are not going to overclock, then I don't see a problem with your running 12GB. However, if you do encounter any issues, then drop the 2x2GB and run the 2x4GB kit. Per the info in the second image, your board will run 4 modules so I think you will be OK. In order to utilize all the ram in dual channel, you do need to balance out how much is in each channel, so you would want a 4GB & a 2GB module in each of the channels.

The 2N is the clock ticks for the Command Rate. Modules will typically be either a 1 or a 2 and sometimes you will see a "T" instead of an "N". AMD performs better at 1N, but some modules require 2N for stability. You'll just have to test and see which setting you need for running all four modules.
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Okay thanks for your help so far...just to clarify a "channel" is usually separated correct? Like my channels are color coded...blue and black.

Also...when my 2x4gb come in the mail should I remove the single 2gb stick I am currently using or can I run it along with the 2x4gb (the other 2gb stick is bunked).
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Yes, the channels are usually color coded the same, although I had an MSI Socket 939 board once that was weird and you populated the SAME color slots to run dual-channel.

While waiting for your 2x4GB ram kit to arrive and running only a single stick of ram, use Slot A1 (Blue slot closest to the CPU socket). Once your 2x4GB kit arrives, then either run it alone, or if you want to also run the single 2GB stick, along with the 2x4GB kit, you can however that excess 2GB will only be utilized by one of the memory channels (read the first bullet point from the list in Image #1 above).

When you get your RMA back and have both kits, then put a 4GB in the first Blue slot, a 4GB in the first Black slot, then repeat with the 2GB modules in Slots #3 & #4. I believe that is how you'll end up with 6GB of ram per channel.
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