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Hi i just built my first computer last week the spechs are:

i5 3570k
nzxt havik 140
intel ssd 335 series
gtx 690
2x8gb corsair vengeance low profile
1050wat corsair Psu
asus maximus v formula
windows 8...

Ive started overclocking after a week of playing with it and ive

disabled internal ppl overvoltage
set LLC to medium (25%) i was blue screening at regular (o%)
set my ram to xmp 1600
turbo ratio is manula
ratio synchronizing control is enabled
i put core 1 to 44 and it put all the others to 44
cpu power phase control is set to optimized on the rog forums it says this must be enabled in order to use offset mode.
cpu voltage = offset mode
+ 0.010

- so heres the problem no matter what i change the offset mode too it dosent seem to do a thing... my vcore in cpuz is not changing,
- my cpu speed is constantly stuck at 4400 and is not going down to 1600
-ive managed to run prime 95 with a fixed voltage it was somewhere between 1.21-1.25 for 4.4 ghz. (4.4 seems to be the limit before things really start to jump for me vcore wise)
- my temps according to coretemp where 25-30 idle for all cores and 55-61 at load (celcius). im in canada and my basement is 18-20 (yes im cold)

i just cant seem to get offset working properly

ive reinstalled bios, and even cmos to see if it would do anything. i got nothing.

i have it set right now at 4.4 and my core voltage is 1.32-1.40 in cpuz with all temps under 60. i dosent even matter what i sent as a offset voltage is does nothing...

core voltage : 1.272 at load and wont go down? my vid is also staying the same in coretemp
cpu speed 4400 mhz

anybody have any ideas?
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