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SSD Caching?

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Samsung pm830 msata ssd

will be getting the 32gb version of this drive and from the specs, the writes speeds are slow. my wd blacks are getting 130 write compared to the 90 max the ssd will get.

Now will I see any improvement in using the ssd aas a cache drive?
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I am using an Ocz caching drive and it definitely a noticeable speed increase. But - But - I don't know if you are using any brand that uses Dataplex software or are you using Intels built in caching option. Mine uses Dataplex. It had a lot of problems early on but after a few firmware and software upgrades it works great now. Now I will explain the reason why I thought this was the way to go. I like a lot of data and a 128GB just isn't going to get it. I think I mistakenly thought that using a HDD as a secondary drive and an SSD for the main drive just seemed like to much work. In actuality a lot of people do just that. The game has changed! the prices of SSD's have dropped so much a 250GB can be had for under 200.00 and a top of the line one for about 250.00. If I had it to do again I think I would go that way, but being a data hog personally I would want a 250GB SSD just so I didn't have to worry about purging it all the time to keep it from filling up. All that being said I do like my caching drive with a 1TB main HDD. Sorry about the book here.
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