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Upgrade to GTX 650Ti???

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i built a new PC about a month ago. i upgraded almost all parts except for the video card. i dont use my pc for gaming. most of the usage will go towards creating a digital collection of my bluray discs and then viewing them on a full hd tv. my current set up is:

Intel Core i7 3770K
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe mobo
Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB @ 1866
Asus GT430 graphics card
OCZ vertex 3 120GB SSD
Seagate Barrracuda XT 3TB
Plextor Bluray Burner drive

recently ive been contemplating upgrading the graphic card. now my question is, will i notice any difference in upgrading to an nVidia GTX 650 or 660 or 650/660 Ti? would it change the video playback quality on the tv? or reduce encode times when i encode the movies?
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This is in the PSU section? wth.gif

Well, first of all you don't need a discrete card to play back blu rays. Intel's HD4000 is more than enough for movie playback.

As far as encoding is concerned, Kepler GPUs supposedly have a hardware-based H.264 video encoder, but I don't own one so I can't speak to its efficiency (or in what capacity it is implemented on lower end cards like the 650).

I use my 3770K for encoding however since it's reputed to give the best quality conversions. BeHardware did a fairly thorough comparison of CPU vs GPUs vs iGPU encoding back in 2011, here: http://www.behardware.com/articles/828-1/h-264-encoding-cpu-vs-gpu-nvidia-cuda-amd-stream-intel-mediasdk-and-x264.html and found that while GPU encoding can shave time off it comes at the cost of IQ.
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