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I have N68C-GS UCC AM2+ motherboard
2x DDR3-1066 CRUCIALl 2Gb PC3-8500
AMD ATHLON II x2 270 3,40Ghz 2MB AM3

had to stay low budget and only spend 310 euro's + porto on the lot.

the game works, but kicks me evervy 2 hours.
not sure it did that a year ago when I first started playing swtor, but I don't think so.
guildmember says others get kicked to, bu a friend of mine doens't get kicked at all.
(kicked=game stops, and back to windows screen)

I wonder if my videocard could be underclocked. As in: it gets to much info about 30 men who should be seen jumping around in my screen, and so gives up. Is pc failure due to underclocking possible?

And I got some software with the hardware.
EVGA Precision & OC Scanner X
ASROCK oc tuner

I understand that overclocking is done with small steps and with trial and error, but I am not sure if I should first do final clocking of CPU and then start with graphics card clocking, or that I should do both at the same time with small intervals.
And benchmarking and stress CPU-test sounds dangerous enough to first ask here how to procide first before I blow things up.
What are the procedures?

Are there ratios Processor clock : Memory clock I should know about? Or between those and my grapics card?
And between CPU freq, PCIE freq and CPU multiplier?

I think this post should be in other parts of this site too, but not sure where to put it. (sorry smile.gif )