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Originally Posted by Lady Sherena View Post

Hi All,
Just joined thought I'd introduce myself, this is a bit of a novel but don't want to explain my background in the forums smile.gif

Am a mother (age undetermined) of 3 we live in Australia, found the Overclock.net forums searching for info on Pyron 'gaming' computers sold at Harvey Norman. Needless to say I will not be parting with $3000 for a gaming computer now and instead am going to build one. Have a lot of questions which I will find the approp. forum for.

I am an almost newbie at this sort of thing, the only modification to any computer I've done is added RAM! Do a bit of website design, coding, etc. but not very well and only for my own website so am sure I will need to read up on a ton of things.

So my reasons for joining:

Because I've been reading some of the forums and the vibe is relaxed, helpful with a bit of fun added in there!

To learn.

Rebuild the really bad computer we have now.

The house is huge and need the best way to get our wifi signal to all sections of the home.

Make a computer with the kids.

Make a computer using the 'Hot rod' specs from the Ars Technica System Guide here.

Was going to build a server, (why? because my comp. technician brother said I don't need one, and because it will be fun), but may use/modify something little like the Rasberry Pi (using it for computer technology with the kids) or one of those plug computers from Tonido, or the Sheeva or SMILE plug, power is at premium prices here in Aus so gotta keep costs down.

And just because it will be totally rocking to have the whole house wired up. We're mainly console gamers, but want to branch out to the web based games ( the kids and me play minecraft, and I want to play Evony or World of Warcraft without my computer blowing up!), and have all our music and movies available in one central location.

If you made it this far thanks for reading, see you in the forums.

build a server for sure it is not hard and requirements are not that high for a simple media/file server. I have one that streams daughters movie collecting so she can watch her cartoons any where she wants..
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Nice intro.
Welcome. smile.gif
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