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Ergonomic desk & chair "bad back" looking at full standing/upright desk setup?

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Ive got L4/L5 S1 bulging disc, Ive been dealing with this (summer 2011) over a year and a half now, Lot to learn, for sure......

Ive had two rounds of PT, and fin go see an orthopedic doctor next month (Feb-2013)ive found one thats not a knife pusher, this will be my first vist to an orthopedic doc.

Ive been seeing this new chirpractor since last Aug-2012, with good results, tons better than the last one (I swaer, the former one only cared about the money).

Also started back at the gym back in December 2011, pretty much doing what I was doing in PT.

Ill know alot more once I see this orthopedic doc, I hope. and also looking at getting a personal trainer, here in Redneckville, Ive heard great things, and she's very reasonable on cost. Im wanting to lose some lbs, mostly my gut, pulling on my back. Ive lost 20lbs and 4 inches off my waste since fall 2011, was my last time at PT/traction. But still have the gut.

Im 5.9
200lbs, was 220lbs in summer 2011
Im large boned, bult like chuck (well, Chuck dosent look pregnant), budy of mine says, Im built like a Linebacker.......
I was 160-170lbs before I was put on a med, back in 2004. Ive now been off that med for two months, diff feeling better.

Im looking at building a tall desk, one ya can fully stand, and get myself a drafting task chair, and a gel floor mat when Im standing. I cant sit still for too long, and mix it up abit, with sitting and standing.

Past 7 years, I worked on a title kitchen floor, that prob help kill my back. But Im so use to being on my feet now......

Ill post a Sketchup pic later of the desk Im looking at building, get the proper measurements for my Height, and correct angle of my wrist and elbows?

Feedback on a good task chair $300-$500? Wish I could afford more, but, Im looking at going back to school next fall, and wont be working.......

Tempur-Pedic® TP8200 Ergonomic $299

Belnick Hercules Leather $359

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Some of the best advice I have read about chairs for people with bad backs is to NOT get a chair with casters/wheels and or swivel motion. Get a "sled" style chair that doesn't move so you aren't inclined to spin or tweak your back inadvertently and are less likely to adopt a bad position as the chair gradually moves backwards.
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Thanks, that makes alot of common sense.

Ive porb spent more than a few hours, searching and calling. This might be the better bet.

I cant believe, how many shops(local and online) will not listen to how and what ur asking for. All about the quick sell theses days. Gosh, thats getting really old.................

Again, thanks.....

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