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Well, it appears that ArcheAge, the MMO which seems to have pretty much changed everything in an MMO and raised much attention will finally see the light of day in the Western market, and It's going to be published by Trion Worlds! (Creators of Rift)
XLGAMES has been looking for the right publisher to service ArcheAge in the West for quite a long time. The reason we decided to work with Trion Worlds is because we felt that it is a company setting new standards for gaming, by embracing original, high-quality IPs on a dynamic connected platform. We were also impressed with Trion’s track record as they have consistently delivered against an unwavering vision; we are confident partnering with Trion will help ArcheAge become a successful game that satisfies audiences in both East and West.

the interview

Western website

I'm personally really happy at this decision, I like Trion myself and like their game Rift, not only this ArcheAge look like a wonderful game, I've seen sailing, exploration, housing and the construction of massive ships with other players or maybe a Guild you're in!
Apparently you never need to create another character to experience a different class, because you can change later on in the game. So you could start as a Warrior and become a mage later I presume, I've seen that this game has tons of classes too so they're probably not as basic as "Warrior" or "Mage"

This game is also running on CryEngine 3 and looks fantastic, especially with Tessellation enabled!

A sandbox MMO is something I'd really like to see, I'll enjoy every moment of this game, even if it consists of me getting my ship stolen by pirates...

Here's a few videos to give you an idea of what this game is like and what future it may behold, Mass PVP is the video at the very bottom, it continues game play with tons of other plays in PVP combat I believe there is land and sea combat in this video which would further improve your understanding of this game.

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