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GTX 690 HDMI audio clicking/popping when GPU under load...

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I just recently upgraded from 2x 480's, where I used the HDMI audio/video out to send straight to my home theater receiver for 7.1 surround sound. The audio never stuttered, skipped, etc. even when both cards were maxed out in SLI during gaming sessions.

After installing the 690, it seems that stressing the card causes horrible audio clicks and pops. If I throw on a game that doesn't stress the card very much at all (Mass Effect 2 for example) there doesn't seem to be any noise. But when I throw on a game like Skyrim + a bazillion appearance mods, the audio will almost constantly be clicking. The frame rate is of course still completely smooth, it's just the audio that seems to be suffering.

I've tried running FurMark while playing music, and as soon as the test starts, sure enough, the music starts clicking like crazy. I've switched to onboard motherboard audio and listened to the audio through headphones while gaming, and the clicking is not present. So it seems to only be related to the HDMI output on the GTX 690. I can even hear the audio pop when there's a sudden spike in GPU activity from everyday desktop usage (like opening a web browser - very mild of course, but the usage spikes in Afterburner definitely coincide with the audio clicks).

I've disabled all other onboard audio devices, changed DVI ports, changed sampling rates for the HD audio device in the audio control panel, etc.. I'm using the included DVI > HDMI adapter (on the 480's, I used a mini-HDMI > HDMI converter). Could the DVI > HDMI conversion be the issue? Would I possibly have better luck trying a display port > HDMI adapter instead? I don't wanna drop money on an adapter only to have the problem persist. I've never encountered this problem before, so I'm pretty clueless.

Basic specs are below, for what it's worth.

i7 3930K
Rampage IV Formula
Vertex 4 SSD's
Cooler Master 1000W PSU
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DVI >>> HDMI adapter is fine as it is really just a different pinout at this point.

First thing I would do is completely uninstall the drivers. Reboot and then do a fresh install with the latest stable set.
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Did a clean driver sweep. All drivers in the latest non-beta nVidia driver package are installed. I wouldn't be opposed to buying a dedicated sound card, but there has to be some way to fix what's going on here. After buying a $1,000 video card, I'd hate to have to spend more money just to find a "work-around"... =/

PS: I don't usually do this, but as a former/avid FFXI and XIV player, I must let it be known that I fully appreciate your avatar, DarkPhoenix.
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Not much else I was able to dig up.... Every link I find with this issue pretty much end in an RMA and the new card doing the same thing.

One person seemed to have luck disabling and then re-enabling SLI.

I would see if there is a BIOS update for both your MB and GPU. Make sure card is set for max perfomance in the Nvidia control panel. Not many other ideas at this point. Hopefully someone will chime in with some better ideas.
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Well, looks like I'm giving up on this. RMA'd the card, same issue. Bought a Mini DIsplayport > HDMI adapter and used that instead, same result. My hardware is very common, so I can't imagine that I have some strange and rare setup that no one else has tried before. The ol' tried-and-true 480's work just fine with HDMI audio out, with the exact same setup. So at this point I'm just getting a refund and waiting for the next generation of super cards I guess.

I have yet to have anyone actually reply with a confirmation that they've successfully used their 690 HDMI audio out without any sort of issue. If I thought it was maybe just a driver issue that would eventually be patched, I'd have no trouble waiting, but then I'd be sitting on a useless 1k piece of hardware for who knows how long. Oh well. Maybe someone will stumble upon this and find a solution someday.
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