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Occasionally I need to dry solvents in an oven. Since the only oven I own is in my kitchen, I have to use that. For obvious reasons I want to build a custom drying oven and I figured why not use wc rads as a heat source.

The design would go something like this: the rads would be inside of a thermally insulated enclosed space. When not in use, the enclosure is opened allowing for a feed of cool ambient air like normal. When I need to dry something, I would seal the enclosure to an extent based on the temperature I need for drying. This would obviously increase the temp of the inlet air to the radiators and therefore my components. But that is a trade I am willing to make so that I can recycle that otherwise wasted heat.

I currently have a 3570k @ 4.7 + 2x 560 ti @ stock for folding, and plan to add a 4p as well. I expect to be drawing about 1kw. I'm hoping that's enough to get the oven up to 50c (after which my comp gets too hot), assuming it's insulated enough.

If anyone has done something similar or had advice, I'd love to hear a second opinion.