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Temperature issues with XFX 7870

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I recently bought a XFX 7870 GHz Edition and I'm having some problems with my temps.

Right now the card is idling at around 50c, which is quite a bit higher than the idle temps I've seen on various websites, although I do have two monitors so the temps are about 10c higher than they would with one monitor.

It usually doesn't get too terribly high in games, maybe about 70c in games like BF3, and it stays fairly quiet, but in a few games, it gets quite a bit worse. I was just playing Sleeping Dogs and it was around 90c, and the thing sounded like a jet engine. The same thing happens
when I try to play The Witcher 2.

My ambient temps are around 24-25c, and I'm using this case, with all the fans that came with it and an additional 120mm intake fan on the side near the PCI slots. My PSU is facing down, if that makes any difference.
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You might try to reapply thermal paste and see if that helps. It could have just been a bad seating at the factory.
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That's something that would be a last resort for me. I'd have to buy more rubbing alcohol, or even some of that Arcticlean stuff, along with some non-conductive thermal paste. Then I'd have to void the warranty and risk bricking my card. I'd probably RMA before I did something like that. It may sound silly but I just don't want to risk something like that. Thanks though.
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Now looking at that I don't blame you. Way more to take apart than Asus or MSI cards. RMA away imo.
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