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I recently woke up my computer from sleep to see that my ASUS VW222S screen had started to display a blue outline on the right hand side of my screen. There is also a menu popup saying "Volume" with a - and + scroll bar, current level being 0. At the bottom is said MENU:Exit... I tried pressing the Menu button but nothing happens, I have restarted my computer, I have unplug monitor, power and the video input. What should I do?

Also when i hold down the menu button the volume box goes away, but then when i stop holding it down it pops back up.

I held down the - arrow and now it is switching between scenery, game and theater mode REALLY quickly, and the right hand side of the monitor is changing in lighting

The middle box randomly disappeared, but the border is still there. I have regained control of the menu, but idk how to make the border go away....

While looking through the options in the menu it started to move between the sections itself, and it went back to the switching of display modes....

It went back to the Volume window and holding down buttons wouldn't make it go back to switching display types. The volume menu disappeared again, so I now have control over the menu again.

It seems as if after a short amount of time of opening the menu it spams either left or right.... I closed the menu, then a few seconds later the volume window opened again :/

I figured out how to remove the blue box: turn monitor off, then back on, and hold the + or - button until your desktop is shown, then press the "Try Me" button...

I still have the problem of the Volume window not going away; also when i restart the monitor the blue rectangle reappears

I have a theory that my - button is jammed on my monitor, thoughts?
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